Tuesday, May 25, 2010

busy busy busy!

Hi there! It's been busy, even a little hectic around here. Matt went on tour with the Filarmonica (three concerts in different cities in Minas Gerais). During his tour, I was solo with the kids, which was good but very consuming. Matt got back and had several days off, and we purchased curtains (which still haven't been put up), tried to take care of some more banking issues, and caught up with several things. I also have several new private English students, which means that I'm going to be quitting my l-o-n-g commute to my Monday and Wednesday class. I've been leaving at 4:00 pm, teaching a one hour class, and then getting home at 8:30 pm. I just can't justify all this traveling for one class. Then on Thursday last week, I lost my wallet, and that consumed about two days of our week, and caused lots of frustration. The good news is that someone very kindly turned the wallet into the local bank, so I can go and pick it up today, but we've already canceled the credit cards, bus card, debit card, etcetera. Saturday we had a party for Sebastian's 6th birthday, and that took a whole day as well. And I'm forgetting lots of other things we've accomplished, but all to say, we've been busy!

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