Sunday, May 30, 2010

the day after

We had a little dinner party for Dora's 9th birthday last night, and although it was a bit crazy at times, it went well. We had 6 adults and 6 kids--I made lasagna and chocolate cake, and threw together a tomato-bacon-parmesan bruschetta at the last minute. Bea had an upset tummy, and had a few diarrhea incidents, one of Dora's friends made a special meal request that involved a little more time in the kitchen, we didn't have enough plates for everyone, and there was lot of running around and screaming (the kids, not Matt and I), but I think everyone enjoyed themselves. It was fun to host people, and to get to know some other parents from Dora's school, and to hear about their experiences. Both families had lived in the US, so it was encouraging to hear about their experience living abroad, and what they think about Belo Horizonte and moving back. Hearing stories from other people helps me so much, and makes me realize that they experiences we have, and the things I encounter are just part of the living overseas experience. It helps remind me that I'm not just crazy, but that everything is different, and I don't know the rules, and that's okay.

One of Dora's friends spent the night last night, so we had waffles for breakfast, and now everyone is playing in that post-birthday party/day kind of way, where they are a bit tired, a bit loopy and just happy. I'm looking forward to a lazy day at home with my family.

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