Sunday, May 16, 2010

I think communication may be happening

I think that I've reached a point with my Portuguese where I'm starting to understand a big more, and people are understanding me. Last night, we were waiting at a bus stop, when I realized that the sign said our bus did not come after 3:00 pm on Saturday. I asked a woman who was also waiting what bus she was waiting for, and if she knew indeed that the bus didn't come. She said she didn't know, but that the next bus coming would take us downtown and we could find another bus. And this was true! I also have been asking when I get on buses for my English classes if the bus goes to my desired destination, and usually the bus driver says, "what?" but then I ask again and he answers. And I also recently asked the porteiro (the night security guard at our apartment building) if he knew of anyone who wanted to rent our parking spot, and he said he would check. Unfortunately I encountered a Brazil circle: he said talk to the porteiro who works on Thursday, and then when I spoke with the Thursday porteiro, he said talk to Miguel. And we've talked to Miguel, and there is very little communication. Hmmm, looks like this post my be a Brazil circle!

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