Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dora's 10th Birthday

How did this happen? How did I get a kid that is a DECADE old?? Pretty amazing how those 10 years just flew by.

Dora really only wanted to have a sleep over with a few friends, but I thought it would only be fair to do something at school too. So we invited over 4 of her closest friends to spend the night, and had a little party at school. It's much different having a school party for 10 year olds than for 4 year olds. First of all, they eat A LOT MORE. And secondly, they are not as easy to control. But I'm jumping ahead. We decided to order salgados (salty snacks that are oh-so-popular here) from a local bakery and to have fruit and juice, and I would make my infamous cupcakes. Matt was so helpful, and went to the padaria to order pão de quiejo and coxinhas (Dora's favorites).

Would they be ready by 1:00 pm on the party day? "Claro! Com certeza!" And what happens? We show up, and they are not ready. Ok, no problem. I planned for this, we'll come back on our way to the party. "Of course they will be ready then!" So we come back, and are they ready? No. At this point, Matt is getting really frustrated, and calling me every 30 seconds on the cell phone with an update. I can hear him saying, "no, it's not tudo bem!!!" He asked to speak with the manager. The manager comes out, offers no apology. Matt asks what the manager can do to make things better. The manager says he can't do anything. Matt says it's too bad, because he's not coming back. The manager says, "that's okay."

Really?!? You don't want our business?

Matt actually asked him that, and he says it didn't matter to him. AAHHHHHHH!!

At this point, not only are we without salgados, but we are late to our party. I just tell Matt to grab something so we can make a bee-line to school. Thankfully, we weren't too incredibly late, and nobody seemed to mind that we only had a few coxinhas and some biscoitos (I guess it was less food to throw for the food fight--yikes!) Dora was happy, and I think she felt loved.

Then over the weekend, the friends came over. We made banana splits,

watched a movie and the girls stayed up late painting their fingernails and giggling. I made waffles the next morning with whipped cream and we all played outside until the friends got picked up. Happy 10th Birthday Dora!

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  1. customer service is something i will NEVER understand here. it's pathetic. i have no idea what i would done if a manager had said that to me. how rude. glad the party went well anyway! your daughter is so cute!