Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mistaken purchases

I'm sure that I bought the wrong things in the states, but it seems like we are constantly purchasing items that are just not what we wanted. I think that part of what burns me about these mistaken purchases is just how expensive groceries are here, and that I know that returning the item is just a hassle (Portuguese! Return policies! Another trip to the store!)

*Spicy Ketchup? I've accidentally purchased spicy ketchup TWO times. The kids do NOT like spicy ketchup. And in a state where people are notorious for not liking spicy food, I have to ask, "why?"

*Raisins WITH seeds. Huh? But I just did a google search, and apparently eating the seeds makes raisins a whole lot healthier. But I don't think I can convince the kids to crunch their raisins.

*Conditioner instead of shampoo. We've got an overabundance of conditioner because the bottles look exactly the same. Arg.

*Fabric Softener rather than detergent.

*The wrong kind of toilet paper. You get what you pay for here. It's just better to pay more. Go for the Personal VIP Folha Dupla
I just have to make sure I don't get the scented kind...

*Dedo da moca peppers. Sometimes it looks like a spicy pepper, but it's not.

*Margarine without salt.

On another grocery note, Beatrice is having some weird skin reactions to certain things. Tomatoes, oranges, pineapple and ketchup make her mouth get all red and irritated. Then one day, all she ate was chicken, beans and rice, and she still got splotchy. I was trying to figure out what was different, and I realized that I'd bought tempero (seasoning) so our empregada (help) wouldn't have to mince garlic by hand, and I had purchased some with MSG in it! The last time I went to the store, all the tempero and the caldo da galinha (chicken broths) had MSG in it. Anyone had any recommendations for a brand of broth that doesn't have MSG?


  1. haha! I do the same thing with shampoo and conditioner! Kevin had weird skin rashes too, usually associated with ketchup. I chocked it up to getting the cheap ketchup, since Helman's and Heinz don't give him the same reaction. See whether the Knoor light or concentrated caldo has MSG, since they are "healthy" versions, they may not have.

  2. I haven't found a single one without MSG.. but I read somewhere .. that someone had said they found one without it. I just bring in cubes whenever I go out of the country, or do as my mom did, cook a chicken and freeze all the stock.