Sunday, June 5, 2011

A typical Sunday

Is there such a thing as a typical day for our family of 5 in Brasil? No, not really. Here's what happened today.

We were out waaaay late last night for a Festa Junina party (so much fun! I love dancing with my kids). So Beatrice and Sebastian slept in until 9:30, which is unheard of. Of course, Matt had to wake up because he had a park concert today, and Dora always wakes up at 7 am. Matt left at about 8, and Dora I just hung out in our pajamas, read and I did a little editing work. The younger two kids woke up, I fed them, did dishes, and then did a load of laundry. We opted to buy a less expensive top loading washing machine when we moved here, and we just get really dirty (kids! Brasil!) so I end up doing a lot of spot treating and hand washing of stuff before I throw it into the machine. It takes extra time. Then I bathed Bea and Sebastian and tried to sneak in a little more editing. While I was at the computer, I kept hearing this loud banging noise, and I thought, "the neighbor's washing machine must be overloaded." After 5 minutes, I realized that it was outside, and I popped my head out the window, and saw that down Rua do Ouro there was a small marching band blocking traffic. ??!??? I called Dora and Bea (Sebastian was in the shower). No clue who they were, and why they were marching, but we heard them off and on marching through the streets in our neighborhood for the next 2 hours. I even think I heard, "It's a Grand Ol' Flag." Seriously.

Lunch: chicken nuggets and leftovers (it's the weekend, and Matt wasn't back yet. Keeping it simple). Put a movie on for the kids. Realized that the pirated version of Pica Pau (Woody Woodpecker) was actually something else (a Brazilian version of "Green Acres"???) so had to resort to the "Voyage of the Dawn Treader." Reminded myself yet AGAIN to never by movies from the guy selling them from the side of the road. He always promises me that they are in English, and about 50% of the time they are not, or they are obviously filmed in the theater with a cheap camera. Not worth it. While the kids were watching the movie, was able to sneak in a shower. Made Matt's lunch (I'm such a good wife) and left it in the oven for him. Then I spent at least 30 minutes mapping out the route to the birthday party that Dora was going to. It was on the other side of town, and my sense of direction is SOOOO bad that I really, really needed to know where I was going. Did more dishes, got myself ready and corralled the kids to the car. Managed to drive to said birthday party WITHOUT GETTING LOST and stop and pick up a birthday present (Pictureka Card game and nail polish for R$17 at the drug store. Ack!). Dropped Dora off at the birthday party, drooled over the hosts amazing vegetable garden and worm bin, and then bribed the younger two back the car with suckers. Sebastian's sucker had dead ants all over it, and he had a melt down in the car. Decided to stop at the park on the way home. Sebastian said he hates parks. Spent about 10 minutes playing with the kids before Beatrice peed her pants. No, actually peed in the middle of the playground. Dragged a crying Beatrice back to the car, and went home. Changed Beatrice, did some more editing work, and then took the kids outside to play. Ran around crazy with the kids for a while, then came back upstairs and did more editing work. Gave Matt bad directions to the birthday party (he went to pick up Dora) and he got lost. Realized I didn't give Dora any money to go the amusement park for the birthday party (!). Felt terribly guilty and embarrassed. Made grilled cheese sandwiches for Bea and Sebastian. Did more dishes. Sorted laundry for ironing. Made a budget for school for next year. Put Bea to bed. Helping Sebastian count down the minutes til his bedtime.

And here I am. I often wonder if our life would this interesting/crazy in the states. Which makes things more interesting/crazy: having 3 kids, or living abroad? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

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  1. Love this post! It's so interesting to hear about your "typical" day. Love the part about the marching band and It's a Grand Ol Flag. Really?? And even though I don't think we'll live in Brazil, it is a good reality check as we contemplate adopting up to three kids!