Monday, January 24, 2011

Almost homemade pão de queijo

I decided to bring some Brazilian treats home with me, and give my parents a "taste" of Brazil. I brought Cachaça to make Caiparinhas, Canastra cheese and guava paste to make "Romeu e Julieta", dende oil to make Moqueca, and a Vilma mix to make Pão de queijo.

I accidentally added the wrong amount of water the mix (darn those metric measurements, and written in Portuguese!), but thankfully I had 2 packets, and was able to make a double recipe. Yum. I'm usually not a pre-packaged mix kinda gal, but I have to say these were very good. And I think my parents liked them too!

1 comment:

  1. Good job! I thought about doing the same thing but was too scared to make them home made. You have inspired me! One of these days I'll do it ;)