Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Oh, I'm just so dang excited! If I'd been asked a year ago what I thought I would miss in while living in Brazil (I should give an English lesson on that sentence!), I would not have anticipated chips and salsa. I've been able to get my coffee (even a homemade vanilla latte every once in a while), my occasional carbonated beverage fix (no Diet Coke here, but Coke Zero kind of works), I make pancakes, I can get bubble gum, no Mike-N-Ikes (but I haven't really craved them). I didn't really realize how much I missed Butterfingers until I got one in my stocking at Christmas. And there were things I missed at the holidays, like eggnog and leftover pumpkin pie and Matt's creme brulee. But chips and salsa have been the thing I've missed most often, most frequently. I made some killer enchiladas today, and was hoping that we could find some Dorito Dippas to go with. We went to a party around Christmas at our friend Marcio's house, and he pulled them out right as we left. Matt went to Verde Mar, I looked at Mart Plus and Super Nosso and Carrefour, (the major supermercados) but no dice. Until tonight...

I made brownies (I see a theme here of making things...hmmm), and we had to go to the store for ice cream. I went to the corner Aruajo (drugstore kinda like CVS or Walgreens). And low and behold, in the check out line, were 4 bags of Dippas. I bought two bags for R$2.89 each. What a steal!

Matt and I are going to enjoy these tonight with some homemade guacamole and salsa. Matt bought some "mexican" peppers at the Mercado Central the other day, and was advised that they were the hottest. I cut one open today, and it tasted like a red pepper. Nice and sweet, but no spice. Today, during his search for Dippas, he found this pepper at Verde Mar:

It's called "Dedo-da-Moça" or Girl's Finger. I was sitting downstairs with some other parents, so I asked them, but they'd never heard of it. I had, from this blog. I told him that I thought it was good, but to take a taste to make sure. Heh heh, little did I know he took a chomp, and it burned! I should have taken a picture of the pepper he took a bite out of. I chopped up a few, added it with onion, tomato, lime juice and salt. No cilantro unfortunately--the market has been out for 2 days. (ah, Brazil!). Yum!


  1. Dippas sure beats those teeny bags of regular doritos and they even sell cheese sauce to go with them! We must be alligned foodwise, because I made fajitas tonight, using my last mix from the US.

  2. Dipping chips! Now if they just came in a huge bag a Carrefour!

    Love me some guacamole and salsa.

  3. Dang, if only you guys were here! I just went back and bought FOUR MORE BAGS!

  4. I have LOVED being able to find Dippas recently. But I'm wary. I don't want to start loving them too much because then I'll be disappointed when the stores stop carrying them. Every time we check out at the market, the cashiers ask, "Have you tried these? They have absolutely NO taste!" I just smile and say, "You've never eaten them with my husband's salsa!"

  5. I'd like to try some of your hubby's salsa! Yesterday, the woman who worked for us made some "spicy" vegetables, and she was nervous giving them to us, because she said that she couldn't even really taste it to see how hot it was (she'd "burned" her tongue because of the spiciness). It was tasty, but so mild that our kids didn't even bat an eye!