Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weekend at Pousada Cachoeira da Serra in Jaboticatubas

I decided today that there was too much car drama, so I'm going to focus on something positive: our wonderful weekend away when Matt's parents were here. Matt did all the work to prepare for this, and I have to admit I was nervous that the place we were going to stay wasn't going to be so nice. He rented a Doblo so all seven of us could travel together. Matt found a great deal on the rental at Via Facil, and I would highly recommend this company. There was a bit of drama when Matt couldn't find his US license, but thankfully he found it before I had to pay too much for the taxi ride (that's all I have to say about that story). I was responsible for getting directions to the Pousada, and let all the world know that I SHOULD NEVER BE IN CHARGE OF GETTING DIRECTIONS. EVER. I spent probably 45 minutes researching the map, writing down where to turn, and even looking at Google street view so I could help out. We ended up missing the turn off to the highway before we even left BH, and then once we got on the highway out of town, we took what I thought was the right turn down a road that looked like it was going to someone's farm. We stopped at a gas station, which was no help, and we were without a map. After getting back on the highway, somehow, by the grace of God, we found a sign for Jaboticatubas. And, miraculously, there were signs all the way there! We ended up driving through a very cute town called Santa Luzia. I had wanted to drive through the center, because I'd seen some nice pictures of the churches, but we missed it. Though we did have the thrilling experience of driving the wrong way down a one-way street. Finally, we made it to Jaboticatubas, which I must admit, isn't much. We then had to drive about 30 minutes on a dirt road to get to Pousada Cachoeira da Serra, which I would translate as "The Inn at Serra Waterfall". It was sooo beautiful, very green with lots of trees and rolling hills. But it was quite a drive, out into the middle of nowhere. But when we finally arrived, we realized it was worth it. It was beautifully landscaped, with ducks, turkeys, fireflies, croaking frogs at night, playgrounds, a waterfall within an easy 30 minute walk, swimming pools, foosball, a really cool tire zip line contraption that the kids spent hours on, great meals (all the meals were included in the package), and hammocks. We stayed in the yellow chalet, and it was very basic, but clean and spacious. It's not by any means a "top of the line" pousada, but very comfortable and affordable, very family friendly and peaceful and quiet. The only thing I would recommend is bringing drinks and snacks. You can order drinks from the bar, and there is a mini-bar in the rooms, but the options are limited and kind of pricey. The nice thing too is that we were able to reserve and communicate via email. We would definitely return. Enjoy the pictures!

We stopped on the drive to take this picture:

View of the big pool:

Our family at the waterfall:


Sebastian with a big bicho (critter)

Sebastian on the tire zip line contraption


The pool waterfall

The view from our Chalet

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  1. That looks fun! How long of a drive (would you guess) it was? I may have to copy your trip! (we have a GPS LOL)